We provide

custom software development

Website and Software


Our main business is to development of websites and softwares.

We provide IT services in mainly japanese to people and companies doing business in the United States.

Web Develop

We will develop a website that meets the needs of you.
We can build and operate the operating environment itself too.

Software Develop

We will develop software that meets the needs of you.
From simple things to custom software for business use
(macro, script, web app to desktop app)

Server Construction

We will select server equipment, build equipment, and build software infrastructure
such as operating environment.


Technical Writing

We will create and edit technical documents in Japanese.
We can also translate English technical documents into Japanese.


Service Detail

Web Development

  • Develop a website, operate it, and maintain it.
  • From simple template-based development to full scratch development.
  • Build the operating environment such as the Web server.
  • Operate and maintain the operating environment such as the Web server.

Software Development

  • Handle everything from software design and develop to operation and maintenance.
  • From macros and scripts to custom software for your business.
  • Build, operate and maintain the operating environment and the server itself.
  • We are mainly develop web app, but we can also develop other software.


Server Construction

  • Selecting equipment such as servers and networks, and equipment setup.
  • Build a server environment and a network environment.
  • Build software infrastructure such as operating environment.

Technical Writing

  • Write technical documents in Japanese, such as Japanese manuals.
  • Translate English documents to Japanese documents.
  • Document the settings of the equipment and software you are currently using.



It is a company started by a Japanese computer engineer who has been developing software for over 20 years in Japan.
He has a lot of experience in developing and operating systems of various industries and types such as business app, C/S app, web app , and embedded systems.
He came to the United States a few years ago and has worked for a Japanese IT company mainly for Japanese people.

Because He broke his body during the COVID-19 pandemic, He changed his working style to work at home or remote work.
GK-FORCE was founded in Los Angeles in 2021 according to the form of work.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become commonplace in the IT industry. The environment to support working from home has also been set up. We can work at home as in the office.

We can work with customers all over the world!
Everyone in the world is our customers!!



23920 ANZA AVE #133 TORRANCE, CA 90505